About Us

At Bay City Flyers we are committed first, foremost and always to safety. We provide a highly structured, disciplined approach to flight training. Our emphasis on training standardization, standard operating procedures and single pilot resource management produces pilots ready for real-world, commercial and private operation. Our commitment to customer service and pilot proficiency earned us the designation as the Diamond Aircraft factory training center for the southwest United States, and one of only two Diamond Brilliance Centers in the country.

We believe that flight training made enjoyable is flight training made effective. BCF instructors are with us because they enjoy their profession, are committed to safety and strive to be the best at what they do.

We chose Diamond Aircraft for their proven performance, reliability and safety. Diamond’s integration of glass cockpit technology, composite construction and turbo diesel engines places them at the leading edge of technological advances in general aviation.

Our Bay Area location offers a great variety of conditions and geography. We are within a short flight to both beachside and ski resort airports, and California has both the highest and lowest points in the lower 48 states.

We maintain our aircraft to the highest standards through the Diamond Factory Maintenance Facility at our sister location in Long Beach. Our commitment to safety and our strict, unwavering maintenance policy exceed FAA regulatory requirements.

  • Gary Ewers
  • Natallia Denikiewicz
  • Amanda Berman
  • Maureen Cavin
  • Lindsay Kast
  • Briano Santos
  • Cristina Casillas
  • John Ewing
  • Kevin Hyberger
  • Noam Eisen
  • Pamela McCarthy
  • Rodrigo Von Costa
  • Seosamh Somers

Gary Ewers

Jet Training Manager, Aero City Jets


Natallia Denikiewicz

Customer Service Representative

Servicing Angel City Flyers, Bay City Flyers and Aero City Jets from our offices in Long Beach, California.

Amanda Berman

Customer Service Representative

Servicing Bay City Flyers and Aero City Jets remotely from our offices in Long Beach, Amanda spends her time at Angel City Flyers learning the ins and outs of aviation in preparation of her degree in Aviation Science from Embry Riddle Aeronautical University.

Maureen Cavin

Customer Service Representative

Maureen Cavin came with a broad background in city government, education, and public relations. As weekend customer service representative, she ensures that everything is organized and ready to go for our Saturday-Sunday clients from our offices in Long Beach.

The breadth and diversity of Angel City Flyers clients intrigues Maureen. “Everybody has a story to tell and everyone is so interesting,” she says. From her early days as beauty queen, a role she says “catapulted a shy person into public speaking and meeting with prominent leaders,” to her present-day responsibilities at ACF, Maureen’s graciousness and good humor have stood her in good stead throughout her varied career.

The four F’s are important to Maureen: faith, family, friends, and fun. “To me faith means trusting in life, and believing that you’re in the right place at the right time and doing what you’re supposed to be doing,” she says. She enjoys reading history and biographies, spending time with her wide circle of friends and her three children, and playing with her three dogs.

Lindsay Kast

Business Development Manager

Aero City Group Inc.

Lindsay is the Business Development Manager for Aero City Group Inc. and plays an active role in the Aero City Jets management team. A native of Tell City, Indiana, Lindsay graduated from Indiana University with a dual degree in business management, specialized in marketing, and public and environmental affairs and a Division 1 National Champion title for cheerleading. Her vibrant background raises team spirit all around. She is also a talented graphic designer, and ACG has come to rely on her keen eye to keep our look updated.

It’s easy to belong with Aero City, Lindsay says, because with students and clients coming and going from all over the world, “everyone is from out of town in one way or another.”

When she isn’t in the midst of the brisk pace of flight training, Lindsay enjoys hiking with her fur child and “forever sidekick,” Merlin. She has a newcomer’s appreciation for Southern California’s superb hiking trails and beaches, not to mention the regular availability of fresh seafood and great burritos.

Lindsay brings a bright outlook and optimistic spirit to her role at ACG and all of its subsidiaries.

Briano Santos


Like many individuals that I’ve come across during my career, I fell in love with aviation at an early age. I took my first lesson when I was 15 right here at Hayward airport. In 2005, while serving in the Air Force as an aircraft mechanic and at Southwest airlines as a ramp agent, I accomplished my goal of becoming a private pilot and eventually began instructing in 2008. For a three-year period, I stepped out of the flight instructing world and into the aerial mapping world where I flew some of the best-equipped TAA all over the U.S. and Canada. After realizing that I prefer general aviation over commercial aviation, I returned to instructing. I love introducing people to the world of general aviation and shaping a safety-minded approach in all that they do. I am now primed and ready to pass the knowledge, skills and best practices that I’ve learned over the years to you. 

Welcome to professionalism. Welcome to experienced instruction. Welcome to Bay City Flyers. Let’s go preflight!

Cristina Casillas

Customer Service Team Lead

Cristina Casillas is Hayward born, raised, and educated. She brings her deep knowledge of the area and her love of aviation to her role as Customer Service Team Lead at Angel City Flyers, servicing both the the Long Beach area and Hayward remotely. She spent two-and-a-half years as an FBO customer service representative, and completed the FAA air traffic control training program. Working at Bay City Flyers “was the next step I wanted to take,” Cristina says. She also aims to receive her private pilot certificate one day.

Cristina’s signature personal style and flair are reflected in her motto: “Don’t be afraid of being outnumbered. Eagles fly alone. Pigeons flock together.” She loves being part of people’s next adventure in aviation, whether flying is their career choice or recreational lifestyle.

An animal lover, Cristina loves to travel and spend time at the beach with her husky, Leihla, who she rescued from Mexico.

John Ewing

Gold Seal CFI, CFII, MEI, ATP, CE510S

I started flying at age 13 and have been a full-time, professional flight instructor since 2001. I have part 135 freight flying experience and instructional experience in a variety of single- and multiengine aircraft. I have logged nearly 9,000 hours of flight time, have written articles for IFR Magazine, and am the author of the Concise Guide to IFR, Concise Guide to the Diamond DA40-180Concise Guide to the Diamond DA42, and Concise Guide to the Citation Mustang. I am also an avid bicyclist.

Kevin Hyberger

CFI, CFII, MEI, CE510, CE525

An FAA Gold Seal flight instructor, Kevin Hyberger made the pivot from the world of finance to aviation in 2007. While on vacation from his job he began contemplating other career paths. Three days after that vacation ended, he followed his motto, which is “Don’t wait to be happy.” He enrolled in a flight school and never looked back. “I love to fly,” he says.

His credentials include a Master Flight Instructor accreditation from the National Association of Flight Instructors. In addition, he earned a master’s degree with distinction in safety science from Embry Riddle Aeronautical University.

Kevin enjoys being part of the BCF and ACJ team. “It’s a great atmosphere with some of the most experienced flight instructors in the Bay Area,” he says. “We have the capability to take someone from a private pilot to being type rated in a jet.”

When he is not flying, Kevin enjoys scuba diving and taking his dogs to the beach.

Noam Eisen


Growing up, Noam Eisen spent many hours with his eyes turned skyward, watching birds and dreaming of what it would be like to soar. “It took me a while to realize that I could fly, too,” he says. From his first time at the controls of a plane, he was hooked. “I love flying and I love sharing it with people,” he says.

Trained as an engineer (he holds bachelor’s and master’s degrees from the University of Pennsylvania), Noam is fascinated with all aspects of aircraft and aviation. On the ground he works in R&D and flight test. In the air he finds immense fulfillment in a flight well-flown, and relishes the challenge of pursuing perfection. Noam also owns a Luscombe Silvaire, which he's flown across the U.S. a couple of times.

“It’s all about helping more people be involved in aviation,” Noam says. In addition to teaching and mentoring students at Bay City Flyers, he is currently doing engineering work on both an electric airliner and a small autonomous passenger aircraft, and he continues to add new and interesting types to his logbook.

Pamela McCarthy


I was exposed to aviation at an early age through my dad, who was a B52 captain in the Air Force. I've been an active flight instructor for 16 years and have over 4,000 hours of dual given. I'm also typed in the CE-560XL and CE-500. I hold a Gold Seal on my flight instructor rating, and love sharing the challenges of flying with clients and helping pilots develop their skills at Aero City Jets.

Experience in corporate and charter operations has helped me develop a better understanding of working within the ATC system.

As Chief Pilot on a Citation 550 for a private owner, I handled all the maintenance and required inspections. In addition, I'm a proud owner of a Cessna 140—I have a good understanding of the maintenance side of aviation from vintage aircraft to small jets.

When I’m not in the air, you'll find me waterskiing at Lake Don Pedro or biking the Woodside hills.

Rodrigo Von Costa

After flying, Rodrigo Von Costa’s favorite mode of transportation just might be skiing. He’s a pro at that, too, having trained with the Chilean National Ski Team that competed in the Calgary Olympics in 1988.

His first flight with his father from Osorno (SCJO) to Heicolla (SCHK) inspired his love of flying and his vocation. As a Bay City Flyers instructor, Rodrigo enjoys “working with a professional team whose number one priority is safety.”

Rodrigo enjoys outdoor activities and traveling with his wife to Slovenia and Chile to visit their families. His recent adventures include trips to St. Maarten and Maui. Next up is a journey to Torres del Paine in Patagonia.

As a pilot and instructor, Rodrigo brings steadiness, focus, and precision to every aspect of flying. His motto: “No matter what happens, fly the airplane.”

Seosamh Somers

Founder and CEO, Aero City Group Inc.

ATP, CFI, CFII, MEI, Honors Degree Aerospace Engineering

In Ireland, the cheapest way to get a ride in an airplane is to promise to parachute out of the plane halfway through the flight. And so began the soaring saga of Seosamh Somers, the shilling-starved space student from…somewhere in Ireland.

Although Seosamh (pronounced SHOW-SEFF—obviously), graduated with honors in aerospace engineering from the University of Hertfordshire, he soon decided that he would rather fly planes than design them. Armed with the goal of bringing to general aviation the same professional approach, attention to detail and technological resources generally reserved only for space flight, Seosamh founded Angel City Flyers in 2003 and an another four subsidaries, including Bay City Flyers and Aero City Jets, under the Aero City Group Inc. brand to date.

Seosamh holds both European and U.S. professional pilot and instructor certificates with over 8,000 hours of flight experience. When he is out of the office, he flies a Citation jet for short overland flights and small piston engine airplanes for the long transoceanic crossings (go figure)! Be warned, he is quite proud of his phonetically impossible name.